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At MCC we offer our Breakthrough Parenting Class; a certified comprehensive, skill-building parenting program designed to teach advanced parenting skills. This program was developed to teach parents how to create a family environment where all members are supported in reaching their highest potential. Parenting classes can help parents gain needed confidence and skills to ensure healthy relationships within their family. 


Breakthrough Parenting is offered in a group or individual setting. It is a 15-week long program consisting of one-hour sessions.



Breakthrough Parenting Book and Workbook



  • Three Approaches to Raising Children

  • Making the Shift

  • Understanding the Source of the Behavior

  • Teaching Responsibility

  • Helping Your Children Build Healthy Self-Esteem

  • Communicating Effectively

  • Practicing Role Playing

  • Influencing Your Children Positively

  • Problems with Punishment

  • Discipline with Love

  • How Children Think

  • Learning to Love

  • Reducing Stress in Your Family

  • Resolving Family Conflicts

  • Talking About Sensitive Subjects

  • Living a Self-Actualized Life



$ 35 - Intake & Pre-Test Fee

$ 20 - Per Session

$ 35 - Book Fee (Required at Intake)

$ 5 - Additional Exam Fee (If Required)



  • Completion of Workbook

  • Completion of Book Coursework with Group Participation

  • Post-Test Proficiency (80% or above)


Each participant will receive a completion letter/certificate after he or she has completed the session successfully, and demonstrated proficiency of the information through a post-test quiz.


You can sign up for Breakthrough Parenting Classes today! If you would like to contact MCC regarding joining a group class or receiving individual care with a Licensed Professional Counselor click here or call us today at (918) 420-5006. 

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