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The certified batterers intervention program at MCC is a 52-week long group designed to help individuals learn alternatives to violence. This is an educational program based on a model of power and control designed to help batterers stop violence and coercion in domestic violence relationships by challenging their belief system and holding them accountable for their behavior. Participants may be court-ordered or voluntary. 


The groups are run by trained facilitators who have been certified by the state specifically to run this program. The BIP curriculum is based on the Duluth Model which is designed to protect victims from ongoing domestic violence by giving batterers an opportunity to change their beliefs and behaviors. Each topic covered in the program includes exploring tactics of control, power, and equality. 



  • Nonviolence

  • Nonthreatening Behavior

  • Respect

  • Trust and Support

  • Honest and Accountability

  • Responsible Parenting

  • Shared Responsibility

  • Economic Partnership

  • Sexual Respect

  • Negotiation and Fairness


If you have questions regarding this program, registration, or referrals please contact us at (918) 420-5006. 



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